As you may or may not know, there are several seats on our local town council up for grabs in this years local election. This time around, Michael Grim has decided to throw his hat into the ring for the Member of Council - 2 Year Term! Currently, that seat is occupied by Democrat incumbent, and Reading native, Dana Randazzo. With your support, we can help elect Shoemakersville native & HAHS Class of 1994 graduate, Michael Grim!

Michael w/ Best Friends Erich & Tim Boldt


What is Shoemakersville native Michael Grim all about? Well, if you want to get to know more about his personal background, be sure to checkout the "About" page. Info related to his professional career can be found on the "Resume" page. But when it comes to the issues related to our town, you can check out the "Platform" page for more info about what Michael will be looking to do to help the community if elected.


But his core ethics come down to three core tenants, which are:


If elected, Michael will always work to be open and honest with residents of the community. Whether it's good news or bad news, he will work to ensure that residents get the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Open and honest dialogue with the community isn't always easy, but its so important.


Having been instilled with values like Respect, Responsibility, Honor, and Personal Accountability by his late father George Grim, Michael prides himself on his values. That said, if elected, he will work to honor those values at all times, while doing so with compassion for all residents, and the best of intentions.


In the climate of today's America, transparency from our elected officials is more important than ever. If elected, Michael will work to ensure that everything he does as a part of council, and everything that council does for or on behalf of our community, is as open and transparent as possible for all residents to see.